Suzuki APV

Ahmad Medix (Life Care) has succeeded in setting new trends in designing and manufacturing ambulances in digenously

=>  Antibacterial, non-skid, washable, and durable one-piece Vinyl flooring (made in UK).

=>  100% Water proof Material is used for purpose built Cabinetry & shelves with equipment parking mechanism, side walls, ceiling and utility panels.

=>  Safe electrical wiring with connector system using fireproof & color-coded wires with safety circuit breaker.

=>  Single / Double 10 Liters cylinder based Oxygen supply system with O2 low alarm and international standard regulators, imported medical grade O2 pipes and connectors.

=>  Reflective inscriptions, stripes and logos as per customer request.

=>  External emergency warning light with Aerodynamic spoiler on front bake & PA system with 80W multi-tone siren.

=>  All Inside & Outside lighting is LED.


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