Our Mission

Our Mission

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From the beginning, Ahmad Medix has committed itself to provide state of the art fabrication of ambulances as per international standards while maintaining low costs. Our goal is to manufacture premium patient transport vehicles equipped with top notch medical equipment and facilities. We are EN & ISO certified organization and this shines in our fabrication as well. Vehicles produced by Ahmad Medix are reliable, long lasting and affordable. Backed by a team of highlty skilled and experienced engineers and production staff, we are able to extend such services using the most cutting edge technologies. We followed a structured process of manufacturing and offer timely project delivery.

Our Business Philosophy

Ahmad Medix (Life Care) engineers for the future by anticipating new clients’ requirements and industry trends utilizing state of the art technology.  Ahmad Medix (Life Care) is aiming to initiate its operations in Pakistan proving the brilliance of its services to the prescribed international standards. Ahmad Medix (Life Care) establishes its basic infrastructure and continues to grow to serve Pakistan market better than our capabilities. We invite our customers to experience the performance, reliability, and quality of our services portfolios. At Ahmad Medix (Life Care); our experience, knowledge and professional skills have enabled us to anticipate the economic and industrial growth which can lead Pakistan to its full potential of success and economic stability.      

Customers’ satisfaction is our top priority - As a partner, we work hard to help customers succeed and we work tirelessly to accommodate their needs. We contribute new and better ideas for improved solutions to their business challenges enabling them to innovate, communicate and achieve strategic goals. We believe in excellence through professionalism - through continuous research & development, vigorous self-examination, and a passion for innovation; we are committed to deliver the best services to our nation.

Our Quality Policy

Ahmad Medix (Life Care) is committed to achieve excellence through a professional and inventive approach in research & development, designing, manufacturing, selection & installation of equipment, timely deliveries and in after the sale services to its customers. We strive to maintain customer satisfaction by implementing broad concepts of quality management. Our strength shall be focused in optimizing profits by doing the job correctly and ensuring that the requirement of quality, cost and time are achieved.      

We aim to set up and maintain a documented quality system based on international best practices and develop a culture of participation and involvement at all levels which can trigger Pakistan to distinguish it amongst quality conscious, prosperous and developed societies.

Our Social Responsibility

We take seriously the social, ethical and environmental impact of our product and services. We ensure that the communities, in which we operate, see Ahmad Medix (Life Care) a good corporate citizen with genuine ambitions to contribute in developing safer, secured and healthy societies. We give our employees reasons to be proud of the way Ahmad Medix (Life Care) demonstrates social responsibility.

Our Aims

1. A continuous research & development to achieve the highest standards of quality.      
2. Customers’ satisfaction.

Our Assets

1. A large list of satisfied customers.      
2. Achievements of a positive socio-economic impact.      
3. Service to ailing humanity through our products.
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