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Ahmad Medix (Life Care) was established in 1988 with a passionate motive of serving the nation with its unique manufacturing services to health sector. Like other friends, I was very much concerned with the rapid increase in death rate due to natural and man-made emergencies throughout the country with the beginning of 21st century. The available statistics at that time convinced us that road traffic accident was the major cause of heavy life damage apart from other emergencies i.e. about 50% of all emergencies yearly.  In early years after 2000, the most dangerous part in this context I felt was the fact that neither adequate ambulances with trained paramedics nor an equipped emergency response system followed by an emergency help number were available after 1947 in our country.

Dr. Sohail Ahmad

I took the responsibility of state-of-art manufacturing of ambulances first time indigenously in 2003 after getting trained me from the world’s renowned manufacturers. I am proud on the key-role played by Ahmad Medix in establishing the first trained Punjab Emergency Service Rescue 1122 in Punjab and then in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and AJK. After succeeding in setting a new trend in designing international standard ambulances, my company became the pioneer of locally manufactured first Disaster Response Vehicles, Mobile Healthcare Units, Mobile Incident Command & Control Centers and other solutions on wheels. Life Care; a division of Ahmad Medix is serving the nation through capacity building at community and organizational levels with provision of emergency kits. Our Training Courses cover Emergency & Disaster management, Community Rapid Response Courses, first-aid, search & rescue, firefighting, flood management, early warning systems and disaster risk reduction management.      

Today, with the blessings of Almighty, more than 5 Million patients/ emergency victims have been successfully rescued, treated with emergency first-aid and safely transported to medical facilities on our more than 8000 ambulances. Our Mobile Disaster Response Units with latest necessary equipment have enabled the Rescue Services and other related international & national organizations for managing emergencies & disasters efficiently & effectively in the country. Ahmad Medix (Life Care) is not only playing a vital role in developing a sense of safety amongst the citizens but also helping the public and private sectors in saving a huge revenue with its unique local manufacturing facility and exports of Mobile Healthcare Units to different countries. The motive behind developing the best performance solutions on wheels is our passion to serve the nation, a determination to introduce Pakistani potential in serving the humanity across the borders, dedication towards quality production and the commitment to achieve excellence through professionalism.          

I ever welcome all ideas and actions which may contribute towards a safer Pakistan.

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