DSNG & Media Vans


Ahmad Medix (Life Care) offers high-tech command and control post on vans and small & large truck chassis. Interior design provides operation desk for operators with computers, VHF communication system and external flood lights and monitoring camera controls, conference room with video conferencing and LCD display, kitchennette and washroom. Local and Satellite internet facility, telescopic tower with flood & monitoring camera and disaster management software are installed. These mobile command and control units can have rapid approach to incident sites and can manage emergencies as incident command posts.


Ahmad Medix (Life Care) designs and engineers Digital Satellite News Gathering and Outdoor Broadcasting Vans for Media professionals and organizations. A trust-worthy and convenient work-flow remains the main feature when we fabricate the interior, install satellite antenna on reinforced rooftop & equipment inside and manufacture technical section with Gen-set to get world-class services of end-to-end transmission via satellites and production services to the local broadcasting industry.