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Ahmad Medix (Life Care) is a cutting-edge designer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art Ambulances, Mobile Healthcare Units, Firefighting & Disaster Response Vehicles, DSNG & OB Vans, Mobile Labs & Dispensaries and other customized specialty on-wheels solutions.        

The company always remains in the status of research & development practice to experience latest technology with inventive ideas resulting in more advantageous, safe and efficient systems for IT & DESIGNING SECTION electrical control, ergonomically molded interior, durable fittings & flooring, efficiently designed spacious auto-locked cabinetry and well-organized parking places for detachable equipment/ items.        

Ahmad Medix (Life Care) is committed to exceeding its customers’ expectations through a program of engineering development, applied technology and exceptional response to the society and market demand for our products and services.

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Founded in 2003, Ahmad Medix (Life Care) main focus has always been to develop & strengthen an indigenous system for pre-hospital emergency & disaster management with international standard solutions on wheels, equipment, consultancies and excellent customer service while maintaining its status as an industry leader. The outcome of more than 15 years; More than 2.5 million emergency victims/ patients have been rescued, treated and safely transported in over 7,000 Life Care Ambulances, a number of man-made & natural disasters have been responded efficiently with disaster response vehicles & equipment, emergency rapid response training consultancies providing a road-map for building safer communities; is our pride.        

Technically skilled & experienced workmanship at Ahmad Medix (Life Care) rendering its best for producing trouble free interior & exterior, foolproof mechanisms of electrical system, reliable fixation of cabinetry, durable flooring and systematic installation of equipment for convenient utilization.

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